Brand Information

I came up with the concept of Miss Fortune in 2005. At first I was just hand making a small selection of rockabilly clothing, selling though my website and online auction sites and working from my garage.

I got out of education in 2006 and began to set up the business on a bigger scale, in 2007 I got my first premises and began taking wholesale orders from shops in the UK and Europe in early 2008.

These days the clothing is made at a manufacturer in the UK and sold as far afield as New Zealand and the USA.

Product Information

Size Range:


Price Range:

£35 - £58 for clothing items.

Business Information

Business Owner: Laura Fortune

About the Owner

The inspiration for my designs comes from all over the place, sometimes I am just inspired by an interesting fabric or trim I find. I am also inspired by people that I know, I like to design my outfits with someone I know in mind, I think “what would they look great in?” and I try to design something for them, something that complements their style or figure. I think designing with real people in mind makes my clothing more appealing and practical. I also look at pictures from the forties and fifties for inspiration and sometimes I put certain music on to help me design a certain style of garment, for example I might listen to the Stray Cats while I am designing rockabilly clothing and maybe The Meteors when I am trying to come up with something a bit harder edged and psychobilly!

I try to design my clothes to suit a range of figures and I am focused on flattering the figure and making the most of a girls curves! I always try to use the best quality fabric that I can and I am very concerned about providing good quality garments that are worth the money. I really want to make people happy with my clothing so I often take peoples suggestions on board about what problems they have with clothing and what types of clothing they have trouble finding

Business Location:

Derby, UK

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