Brand Information

Lady K Loves started in 2009 with every garment being hand produced, we’ve developed to work with a handful of specialist producers, (for the most part UK based, where necessary we produce overseas if ensure the quality and price point matches our standards).
Our styles are limited edition, any colour batch will only ever be produced once, unless it’s denim or black wardrobe staples.
We pay close attention to what you need, catering for your everyday wardrobe, from office to days off, with extra focus on the fit of the garment and your body shape.
Lady K Loves is available online and you can often find us at shows like Rockabilly Rave, Hotrod Hayride etc. We’re always on hand to be able to help you choose the right item for you.

Product Information

Size Range:

XS - XXL (UK 8 - 18 approx).

Price Range:

£39 - £65 for full price items, sale items go as low as £5!

Business Information

Business Owner: Kessie Hodges

About the Owner

West country girl with a thing for jeans and cider, dancing and prancing, glam girl guide camping and general gym bunny fun.
I’m fascinated by clothing construction and have a  passion to design wearable, playful clothes, with great vintage style all wrapped up in a bit of sass.
I dress in a combination of my own styles, other ‘repro’ brands, charity shop finds, true vintage, supermarket and high street bargains and pretty much in anything as long as I love it.
All LKL styles are tested to make sure you can dance and eat in them, and sometimes to see if they hold up to a bit of tree climbing or falling over.

Business Location:

Bristol, UK

Where do they sell:

online, retail

Country of manufacture:

UK and abroad

Do they ship internationally: